Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Law Department handles a diverse caseload and is designed to service all of our client's real estate needs. We take pride in our vast experience in this area of law. While it would be impossible to list each and every aspect of the law we handle for our clients, what follows is a general overview of the more common services we provide in this area:

Residential and Commercial Agreement of Sales & Acquisitions

Buying a property, whether it is a first time home buyer or a corporation purchasing a multi-million dollar property, we have the knowledge and ability to represent our clients in all facets of the transaction. We review the closing documents, including the mortgage documents and title reports and negotiate favorable terms on behalf of our clients. For our commercial/investor clients, we handle every phase of these complex transactions to aid our clients in a smooth acquisition. We prepare agreements of sale and oversee the entire transaction to ensure accuracy of everything from lending to environmental and zoning/land use concerns.

Landlord and Tenant

Our firm effectively represents both residential and commercial landlords. We actively represent our clients on matters ranging from the creating specific lease agreements tailored to our specific client's needs, filing complaints against delinquent tenants, and pursuing the collection of bad debt. Our office is effective in obtaining favorable judgments and evictions as fast as permitted by law. As owners ourselves, we know how important it is to get results as quickly as possible to minimize lost time and income.

Condominium Association/Homeowner's Association Representation

We also represent Condominium Associations and Homeowner's Associations. We are sensitive to the specific needs of these entities and are equipped to handle them by utilizing the specialized law that governs associations. Our services in this area include: preparing and amending association's governing documents, providing legal opinions on specific issues that arise and attending board meetings. We also have vast experience working with our clients to recoup monies from delinquent owners, which include filing and representation in the appropriate court, as well as collection of debt.

Zoning and Land Use

As real estate attorneys, we understand the unique procedures involved in zoning and land use issues. We regularly analyze our client's unique zoning needs, review the local ordinances, and recommend the best course of action to obtain a desired result. We appear before zoning boards throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey and have the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue your matter. In this department, we deal with a range of issues for our clients, both residential and commercial. For our commercial clients, we regularly work with them on issues such as sub-divisions, condominium conversions, use variances and general land development issues.

Commercial Leasing and Rentals

We represent numerous commercial and retail property owners and tenants on a variety of issues. We regularly negotiate and prepare commercial lease agreements. Whether it is a general commercial tenant, industrial, strip mall or retail tenant, our firm can draft and negotiate a favorable and fair lease agreement that serves our client's best interests.

Real Estate Litigation

Should the need arise, we will aggressively protect and advocate for our client's interests in courtroom. Our attorneys have vast experience litigating a variety of matters for our real estate clients. Our experience includes foreclosures and foreclosure defense, ownership and boundary disputes, fraudulent non-disclosure disputes and faulty construction cases. We have attorneys licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and Louisiana to handle our client's matters.

Tax Assessment Appeals

With the current real estate market and economy, one of the most prudent steps a property owner can take is to ensure their property is properly assessed by the municipal authority to be sure that you are not overpaying taxes. Unfortunately, property values have plummeted in recent years, but many people neglect to ensure their property taxes reflect their property's current market value. Many times the assessed value is obsolete, reflecting a higher assessed value from years past. We help our clients ascertain whether or not their assessed value is a true indicator of the present day value, and thereafter determine whether our client should appeal the assessment. We help our clients valuate their property by bringing on trusted local appraisers and draft the required paperwork to appeal their assessment. Many times this results in significant reductions in the assessed value, and consequently the amount of taxes paid by our clients.

Lender Representation

We also represent lending outlets for individuals and commercial entities inquiring for financing. Given the current economic climate, the stereotypical bank financing is not as readily accessible to many borrowers, especially regarding loans for purchase and rehab of investment properties. We specialize in representing these non conventional lenders to qualified borrowers. The services we that we provide for our lenders include performing background/credit checks as well as preparing all loan documents including the mortgage, note, assignment of rents, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, as well as other specific documentation required for individual transactions. Our goal is to provide as much safety and security for our lenders as possible for these higher risk loans.

Insurance Claims Representation

Our Real Estate Law Department handles insurance claims for both residential home owners and commercial policy holders. Unfortunately, to compound a loss which resulted in the claim, many times the insurance carrier either refuses coverage, or drastically reduces the amounts they wish to disburse. Given the type of claim, you may even be required to appear at a deposition and fill out questionnaires that must be verified by you. We are able to advise our clients throughout the process to make certain they receive proper compensation as quickly as possible.