Oil and Gas Department

Our firm possesses a very unique and experienced Oil and Gas Department unlike any firm.  The Marcellus and Utica shale plays have presented the greatest energy boom the likes of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia have ever seen.  As a result, these shale plays present a significant opportunity for sustained profitability for the oil and gas industry.  Our Oil and Gas Department is unique in that it only represents commercial entities engaged in these shale plays.  We concentrate our practice towards the commercial sector by using our distinctive group of attorneys and staff who possess unmatched experience in the industry, and more importantly, in these specific shale plays.  Clientele we service include oil companies, brokers, drillers and companies involved in the infrastructure vital to the industry which include pipe line installation and transportation.

In addition to the specialized skill set of our attorneys, what further sets us apart from others in the industry is our affiliated landman company, Appalachia Land Services, LLC.  Our goal is to provide a fully encompassing service to our clients thereby relieving them of the necessity of having to research, hire and monitor several vendors to perform a project.  The synergy between our affiliated companies results in a full service experience allowing our client the efficiency of one point of contact.  This allows us to manage the entire project for our clients in a cost effective manner resulting in faster completion times and greater profitability.  Here are a few examples of the services which we provide demonstrating how our streamlined department works.

Title Opinions

The process leading up to actually drilling a well is a long, tedious and expensive one. Once a potential unit has been identified, our team can handle the project from start to finish. Through our affiliated landman company, Appalachia Land Servies, LLC, we have the manpower to send our experienced on- staff landmen to begin the project. They have the background in the industry to visit the unit on site, contact property owners, as well as identify geographic issues within the properties which could pose problems later in the process. They have unsurpassed experience and familiarity with the leasing process providing our clients with an invaluable asset on the ground.

Next, our experienced abstractors perform thorough and complete title searches on all of the subject properties. Our abstractors have the expertise in the counties and states within the shale plays giving them unsurpassed familiarity with each county's document systems. If required, our abstractors will go on-site to obtain necessary information if any of the relevant documents are not electronically stored. Our abstractors are trained to produce standardized packets for our attorneys thereby further streamlining the process.

Lastly, we are fortunate to staff attorneys who regularly work in this field. Not only do our attorneys have experience in the legal analysis, but several of our attorneys have specific backgrounds in the title industry. We are then able to analyze the documents for each property and generate a standardized title opinion, certified by our attorneys.

Pipeline Construction

Our department can also utilize our unique skill set in the area of pipeline construction. Given the need for infrastructure and the severe lack of pipelines, pipeline construction is necessary to allow the industry to expand and for greater profitability.

Our landman company, Appalachia Land Services, LLC, has the experience to identify which properties along a proposed line will be ideal or problematic in the construction of a pipeline. They have experience in identifying potential geographic and legal roadblocks which could become costly and delay or prevent construction. Our landmen are able to work hand- in- hand with you in planning both the proposed layout and the direction of the pipeline.

Once the properties are identified, we are then able to utilize our abstractors to perform the same detailed analysis of each property in the proposed path of the pipeline. They are then able to prepare their detailed and standardized abstract to be delivered to our staff of attorneys.

Upon completion of the abstract, our attorneys are able to analyze the abstract to eliminate legal constraints which could jeopardize the pipeline. We are also able to prepare the appropriate documents on behalf of our clients to preserve their rights to construct the pipeline.