Business Law

Our Business Law Department offers our clientele a multitude of services.   Being business owners ourselves, we understand the day to day problems which can arise when opening and operating a small business.  We take pride in catering to the needs of our business owners.

General Representation

We represent our clients on an array of matters. With our attention to detail, we are able to act as an "In House Council" for our clients without the need of hiring a full time legal department. We take our role as Counselor at Law very seriously and pride ourselves in being accessible to our clients to ensure that we understand exactly what the problem is and advise them accordingly. In the business world, time is money. We understand that as a business owner, your time is precious which is why we cater our services to take the burden of legal problems off of your hands in a cost effective manner. The range of services we provide include formation of the appropriate corporate entity, preparation of corporate governing documents, certification that employment contracts and independent contracts are properly utilized and creation of buy-sell agreements.


Growth and expansion are positive results in business, however, it can be a daunting task to acquire an existing entity and its assets. We understand the concerns and ramifications these types of transactions entail, both at the time of the acquisition and well on into the future. We prepare all required documents to not only encompass the terms of the transaction but to also ensure the interests of our clients are protected.

Commercial Litigation

Should the need arise, we will diligently represent our clients in the appropriate court to protect their rights at law. Our attorneys have significant courtroom experience in commercial matters, offering our clients not only the expertise in the transactional side, but also in the courtroom. Our attorneys have represented our clients in a variety of matters, including cases involving breach of contract, business torts, unfair trade practices, and labor and employment matters.